Monday, February 27, 2012

Similarities/Differences Between MLA and APA

The essays entitled “Against the Odds: Harry S. Truman and the Election of 1948”, by Dylan Borchers’, and “It’s in Our Genes: The Biological Basis of Human Mating Behavior”, by Carolyn Stonehill, have many similarities even though they are written in two different formats. Borchers’ essay is in MLA format while Stonehill’s essay is in APA format. One similarity in their quoting and citation is that both use parenthesis to cite quotations. Also, block quotations are the same in both formats; both are indented one inch away from the margin and have the citation at the end of the quote. Lastly, the format of their work cited page (MLA format) and Reference (APA format) page are the same. The heading is centered and each citation is in alphabetical order with all lines after the first line of each entry indented.
Even though Borchers’ and Stonehill’s essays have similarities, there are many differences. One difference between the two is the placement of the citations. In MLA format, the citation is at the end of a sentence while in APA format the citation is right after the quote. Although both use parenthesis, as stated in the previous paragraph, the information inside the parenthesis is different. In Borchers essay, most citations included page numbers and last names. In Stonehill’s essay, mostly dates or page numbers were used to cite information. One last difference is the last page of each essay. The essay formatted in MLA has a “Works Cited” page while the APA formatted essay has a “Reference” page.

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